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Blue Ocean Marketing specializes in navigating the vast digital marketing sea, offering four cornerstone services to elevate your brand. Our expertise in SEO ensures your business ranks higher, capturing the right audience. Through targeted Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we craft compelling campaigns that drive engagement and sales. Additionally, our website design service creates stunning, user-friendly sites, establishing a solid online presence for your business.



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Elad Hogen & Ofir Yaacov. Co-Founders of Blue Ocean Marketing. 

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“After operating for 25 years, we sought a new provider for SEO and Google Ads. After several interviews, we chose Simplyway Digital (now “Blue Ocean Marketing”). Visibility is crucial, and partnering with their team ensured our vital keywords consistently rank in the top 5 spots. Organic traffic has always driven significant revenue for us, and they’ve effectively maintained that steady stream.”

Phil Hart

Hart Entertainment


Simpleway Digital (now “Blue Ocean Marketing”)’s leadership team helped us launch our initial website and implement digital marketing campaigns. I found their team highly professional, deeply engaged in both design and execution, resulting in a fantastic overall experience.”

Elik Jaeger

SuiteSpot Technology


“Simpleway Digital (now “Blue Ocean Marketing”) has been working with me for many years. They’ve achieved excellent Google rankings for me, resulting in weekly callbacks from potential job inquiries.”

Daniel Meirovitz

Heidan Construction


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